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“‘White Wings’ are the symbol of lightness, spirituality and possibility of the flying and rising up to the heaven Human wings are divine liaisons and the messengers with the ability to move freely from the realm of earth-bound matter to the unlimited heavens”.

About Us

What other sais about our home care center.

White Wings Home Health Care Center opened its doors and heart to the community in 2017, aspiring to provide exceptional healthcare in the home environment. Today, more than ever, that goal remains unfazed.

WWHHCC’s main goal is to provide the best possible homecare service and guarantees to deliver professional and compassionate health care service to empower individual in need; to guide them and help them achieve their personalized health requirement and goals in the comfort of their homes. We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

White Wings Home Health Care Center is privately owned and operated by a highly trained staff of Registered Nurses and Physiotherapists, Caregivers and Physician. Our family of professionals works seamlessly with physicians, case managers, and various healthcare agencies and services to encompass the needs and improve the lives of person served of all ages.

To provide an excellent home care services by following HAAD's standards. To strive to achieve patient empowerment though personalized care, intervention, prevention, training and education

White Wings home health care center aspires to empower people to gain a better life through positive health care experiences.


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Please feel free to contact us 24/7 +971 50 833 6688